We believe that keeping business local benefits all of us, so we happily waive closing fees for buyers financing their purchases through any of these local banking institutions:

  • Erie Bank

  • Northwest Bank

  • Marquette Bank


Normal title fees still apply, but waiving closing fees saves most buyers between $500 - $700. Just one way for us to make the buying process easier for you.

Some banks have their own attorneys, but hiring your own advocate ensures that your interests are guaranteed. 

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Title Insurance:

What is it and Why does it matter to you?

"Look before you leap" applies to many decisions, but nowhere is that more true than the largest purchase you may ever make. 

Title insurance is an assurance that the buyer is acquiring the full right and ownership to a home or other real estate, and that no defect in ownership is present (unpaid taxes, liens, split- ownership issues). Importantly, lenders require you get it. 


How long does closing take and Why?

Closing takes approximately 45 days from the date a sales contract is signed, but can be faster or slower, depending on the specific circumstances. 

Lender-financed transactions will be longer due to normal lender requirements, including title insurance, appraisals, inspections, and general underwriting requirements. Ask us how we make the process faster.

Our One Team Promise ensures that buyers, sellers, lenders and real estate agents all work together to better serve you. How do we do it?

Every real estate purchase starts with you and one of our attorneys discussing the transaction and its details.

Next, the mechanics of purchase and title insurance are underway, verying you are obtaining good title to your home. 

Finally, closing is set in a way convenient to you and under your control. From start to finish, the professionals surrounding you are kept informed and you are kept in control.