The sale of real estate is the end of one chapter and the start of another. We make selling your most important asset easier.

Typically, sellers are responsible for preparing agreements of sale. Our lawyers assist sellers in preparing lawyer-level agreements which ensure optimal protection for clients. Your agreement is the foundation upon which the entire transaction is built--starting right makes the difference. 

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Sales Agreements are the foundation of successful real estate sales. Our lawyers ensure these agreements are drafted with a successful outcome in mind, and ideal protections built-in. 

When title issues arise our lawyers and licensed title agents are ready to resolve issues that can cause delays in closings. We apply the leverage of lawyer-driven real estate practice. 

Closings are a special event for buyer and seller: the seller is realizing the financial benefit of a significant and potentially long-term investment. The buyer is beginning a new journey. 


For sellers, our review process and settlement statement development is geared toward ensuring your investment is fully realized and gains protected. Further, our associated legal services ensure those proceeds are protected.